Efficiency is smart...

Penguin combine the latest systems with smart technology for maximum efficiency and controllability.

A recent example: a 4-bed villa undergoing renovation, where the owner wanted maximum-efficiency heating with minimal energy consumption, plus the capability to monitor his home's energy performance.

The previous gas-run heating was removed and replaced with water-based radiators heated by a top-efficiency Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pump – an easily-installed machine resembling the external unit of an air-con system. A monitoring device was connected to the system, linked to an App for the owner's iPhone (or any smart device or pc), allowing him to view the property's energy consumption in real-time.

This showed the system to be maintaining his home's temperature at a comfortable 22 degrees yet consuming a mere 1.2kW per hour – the equivalent of running a standard electric towel rail! Not only can the property's overall energy consumption be monitored in this way, but other devices can be connected to individual appliances enabling them to be remotely activated / controlled via the internet.