Plug in Photovoltaic!

Plug-in photovoltaic (PV) solar kits are as simple as they sound – just mount the panels, connect them to an DC/AC inverter box that comes with the system, then run a power cable to any domestic socket to receive FREE power.


Plug-in PV supplements your mains electricity supply, usually with a limit on the number of panels that is practical – up to 1.5 kW or 6 panels for a standard house. Nonetheless this is sufficient to run your refrigerator and/or appliances on standby mode, security devices etc, and make a useful contribution to reducing your electricity bills. Furthermore, plug-in solar kits are inexpensive and offer a superior return-on-investment (ROI) than conventional PV solar arrays.

Whilst most standard kits operate at 250W, Penguin's plug-in PV kits operate at an optimised 360W Such systems are best-regarded as one aspect of an integrated solution towards an efficient home, in tandem with energy-saving heating & cooling, thermal insulation, LED lighting, plus prudent use of timers to take advantage of cheap-rate mains electricity.