New Energy Resolutions

New Year is traditionally the time to consider the 12 months to come. 'How can I improve my quality of life? My home? How can I economise so as to improve my finances?'

The cost of heating & cooling is a major expenditure for most homes, so an analysis of annual energy bills is a logical undertaking. The Algarve winter is short but nonetheless nights are cold, many properties are not well insulated, so heating can be costly.

The installation of energy-efficient technologies,such as heat pumps for radiator or underfloor systems, will prove a wise investment in the long-term. Heat pumps are also used for pools, and for owners of holiday rental properties a heated pool will extend its season-of-use and increase revenue. During the stifling summer months air conditioning is a necessity, and today's ultra-efficient systems offer significantly reduced running costs.

With Europe's highest annual sunshine levels, it makes compelling sense to invest in a thermal solar system to supply free hot water to your Algarve property. And for those seeking to avoid rising energy costs in future, a photovoltaic (PV) system offers complete energy independence!