euefficiency_chart_algarve_air_conditioning.jpgAs of 1 Jan, new EC regulations aim to protect the environment by encouraging more energy-efficient air-conditioning, and to steer the market away from inefficient systems.

Where products were previously energy-rated as A-D on their package labels, three new classifications have now been added: A+, A++ and A+++ Product labels will also rate the efficiency of systems in cooling mode (SEER - Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) and in heating mode (SCOP - Seasonal Coefficient of Performance).

Furthermore, because the SCOP / heating performance of aircon systems varies in different climates, this is rated against 3 European climate zones: Warm/Athens (includes Portugal), Moderate/Strasbourg and Cold/Helsinki.

The latest generation of ‘inverter’ systems from leading manufacturers offer ultra-high performance and efficiency levels, in some cases with up to 70% reduced energy costs against old, non-inverter models.

In short, they cost you – and the environment – less!