The Algarve's humid climate causes many homes to suffer from damp and mould. Humidity can create an uncomfortable indoor ambience - and an unhealthy one. Dehumidifiers are commonly used but the best solution is better ventilation. There are various ways to achieve this, varying in sophistication -



  • Simple vent-holes in the walls – better to have 2 for air-flow. But the disadvantage is they allow the outside air temperature to enter, therefore making home heating and cooling less effective / efficient.
  • Solar ventilators: useful for south-facing walls, a small wall-mounted solar panel generates power to drive an electric ventilator.
  • Air conditioning: many better-quality systems nowadays have a dehumidify function that runs independent of the heating/cooling.
  • Mitsubishi 'Lossnay' system – ducted within a false ceiling, this energy-efficient system removes humid/stale air, replacing it with fresh air from outside – but transfers the heat / coolness of the outgoing air to the incoming, to maintain the same indoor temperature.