One of the advantages about using a company like ours is that we are fully certified and insured - which makes us accountable for our actions.

We have a policy of honesty both in our realistic quotes (we have to make a profit to survive!) and our dealings with builders and sub-contractors - a "recommendation" in Portugal from a seemingly trusted source quite often comes with a "hidden" cost for you - the customer - and we are one of the few companies that make it known that this is a practice which we emphatically do not endorse.


Certificate Authority Reference Information
ALVARA  logo 01 68022 This is one of the main licences needed for any type of commercial building work. It is a true indication of legitimacy as it is not easy to get due to its criteria of professional qualified staff and engineers.
Gas Flouradas  Certif Reg303 DL56 SAC-353/2015 Every company that handles refrigerant is legally obliged to have this certificate - again it is not easy to get but it ensures your safety and the environment, and it enforces strict guidelines and policies when handling potentially harmful products.
Workers Insurance  lusitania algarve penguin



We only employ permanent staff and each member is insured for work accidents which protects you and us.
Indemnity Insurance  lusitania algarve penguin 0016549 If we are working on your property and damage occurs then we are, of course, insured against this.


Qualified Staff

 adene penguin algarve   Our senior staff as a pre-requisite have have to be qualified to at least certified Technition TIM II 
Qualified Electricians on staff  dgeg penguin algarve   Another of our policies is to always have at least one qualified electrician as a permanent staff member
Annual Staff Health Checks  previa algarve penguin   As part of our employee responsibilites we are required by law to arrange, at our expense, an annual health check for each staff member.