Tisun procleam solar hot water and villa heatingThe best solar heating solutions come as complete kits from the northern european countries which integrate with existing central heating technologies such as gas or diesel. The integration of other heating sources is an important point to consider as there is no such thing as a 'total' heating solution using just solar - there is always a backup. This means that if you are starting from scratch with no heating solution (i.e. a new build) it can appear to be quite expensive as you are not replacing any technology (i.e. heatpump, gas, diesel etc) - just adding extra cost. The cost savings will then come over its lifetime as it will take a percentage from your total energy consumption cost (about 30%). This is the most common misconception we come across - using solar panels for heating does not replace any heating solution - it is a way of reducing your energy bills.

Anything less that 10m2 (5) of solar panels is a waste of money which means the realistic cost of supplementing the heating on your villa would start at about €6000 plus IVA, but these solutions can also supply your domestic hot water which means the return on investment is not so bad.

Another point to consider is - stagnation. The majority of villa owners do not live here permanently - but the sun is on all the time! - the more panels - the more heat generated - and dissipating this heat can be quite challenging sometimes.

These solutions can be quite complex and tend to differ for each build so it is best to visit us so we can go through all the various options.