R22 is the most common form of refrigerant or hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) used by air conditioning systems.


Due to new EU directives it is now banned for all uses.

R22 will still be around until about 2015, but any new units installed are no longer supplied with this refrigerant - the problem arises when we need to replace refrigerant on your old units as we no longer have access to any form of Freon (R22). i.e. your units running on freon will not be considered illegal.

There is an alternative available but it is not yet in common use in Portugal. Please bear with us while we try and find a supply.

But if you have old malfunctioning units it is quite sensible to consider installing newer, more efficent units under warranty - spare parts in Portugal for the older units can be a nightmare to get hold of and it is quite often cheaper just to replace the unit.

Please contact us for an EU friendly alternative ....