Penguin received a call from a lady who felt sick whenever she ran the air-conditioning in her bedroom, believing it to be giving off toxic fumes. The system was old and hadn't been receiving a regular maintenance service for several years.


On removing the unit's casing, our technicians found the machine to be infested with thick mould and fungal growth. Yet the system was still able to operate, therefore blowing spores and bacteria throughout the room. Such bacteria can be highly unhealthy, causing symptoms such as headaches, nausea, irritated eyes/skin, allergic reactions and even breathing difficulties. Extreme cases of mould contamination are rare, but when they occur it is necessary to remove the unit for a thorough pressure-wash and flushing, followed by anti-bacteria treatment.

Thereafter, an annual maintenance should be sufficient to ensure that the problem doesn't return; although in worse-case scenarios, particularly with old systems, it may be wiser to install a replacement.