The Algarve's clear skies give us wonderful winter sunshine - but cold nights too. Damp can also be a problem in properties not built with winter insulation in mind, and such conditions can persist for 3-4 months.

And whilst a roaring log fire makes for a seasonal Christmas, it isn't the most efficient way to heat a home. With festive expenses looming large, now may not feel like the ideal time to be investing in home-heating but, if you're feeling the cold, now IS the time to at least plan ahead.


There are various energy-efficient solutions available to suit any Algarve home. The latest technology air conditioning systems offer highly efficient home heating / cooling and are easily installed, whether standard wall-mounted or floor-mounted units – the latter looking rather like radiators, and best-suited for heating (the warmth rising from a lower level). Water-based systems, such as radiators or underfloor heating, are effectively and cheaply driven by energy-efficient heat pumps. And for free hot water, there's no better investment than a system of solar panels – to take advantage of those clear blue Algarve skies!