Image of a water sourced fan coil for wall mounting

Fancoils are a commonly used term to describe air conditioners in general but in this context we use them to describe units that use water and not refrigerant to distribute the heat/cold. Similar to a radiator the water is cycled around the unit and dissipated using an extremely quiet fan into the room.

Image of a water sourced fan coil for hidden bulkhead

The main advantage to using a fan coil is that:

  1. The heat/cold air generated is more gentle than a traditional air conditioner and similar to undefloor heating where they are left on longer to run in the background - thus maintaining a climate control within the room.
  2. They can be combined with Solar Panels for extra efficiency
  3. Air-to-Water heatpumps can be used far more effectively than the traditional radiators that have to be oversized to make use of the lower temperatures of electric heatpumps.
  4. When used in conjuntion with underfloor heating on the larger villas the same heatpump for the underfloor can be "swapped" onto the fancoils for cooling - saving on the capital cost of an extra heatpump. (The underfloor infrastructure can still be used for cooling but it suffers from "dewpoint" where the water condenses on the floor if it is set too cold.)

Image of a water sourced fan coil for ceiling mounting