anode_algarve_solar_hot_water.jpgWhether your water is from mains supply or a borehole it contains minerals and chemicals that, over time, corrode unprotected metal areas and components in your solar system's water tank.

To combat this, most are fitted with a replaceable rod of aluminium, zinc, or magnesium called a 'sacrificial anode' which, through chemical reaction, gradually corrodes and dissolves to protect the rest of the tank. Once the anode has completely dissolved, the water will begin to corrode the metal elsewhere. It is therefore essential to inspect hot water tanks before corrosion causes leaks and destruction of the system. Regular maintenance will also prevent build-up of sediment – particularly endemic in the Algarve, where the water has a high calcium content.

Your solar hot water system should be externally inspected annually, and the tank internally cleaned every 3 years, including a probable replacement of the anode – a simple and inexpensive process.

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