Air Conditioning Sizing Chart Guide

Use this guide to give you an approximate air conditioning unit size in British Thermal Units (BTUs).

New or Well Insulated Villa:

Room Size Ceiling Height Factor Kw
BTU Value

Aircon Unit

4x3m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 28.8m³ x 55watts per m³ = 1.6 Kw 5000 7000BTU
4x4m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 38.4m³ x 55watts per m³ = 2.1 Kw 7168 9000BTU
4x5m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 48.0m³ x 55watts per m³ = 2.6 Kw 8875 9000BTU
5x5m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 60.0m³ x 55watts per m³ = 3.3 Kw 11265 12000BTU
6x5m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 72.0m³ x 55watts per m³ = 4.0 Kw 13652 12000BTU
6x6m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 86.4m³ x 55watts per m³ = 4.7 Kw 16041 18000BTU
6x7m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 100.8m³ x 55watts per m³ = 5.5 Kw 18772 18000BTU
7x7m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 117.6m³ x 55watts per m³ = 6.5 Kw 22185 21000BTU
7x8m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 134.4m³ x 55watts per m³ = 7.4 Kw 25256 24000BTU
8x8m Room 2.4m Ceiling = 153.6m³ x 55watts per m³ = 8.4 Kw 28670

Average life span of an air conditioner is about 6-7 years

The average life span of an air conditioner is about 6-7 years, but it can be prolonged through proper maintenance by qualified technicians on a regular basis.

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R22 - refrigerant used by most air conditioners now banned by EU -This Affects YOU!!

R22 is the most common form of refrigerant or hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) used by air conditioning systems.


Due to new EU directives it is now banned for all uses.

R22 will still be around until about 2015, but any new units installed are no longer supplied with this refrigerant - the problem arises when we need to replace refrigerant on your old units as we no longer have access to any form of Freon (R22). i.e. your units running on freon will not be considered illegal.

How much is it costing to run my air conditioning system?

The build quality and type of thermal insulation varies so greatly in the Algarve that sometimes this is difficult to easily quantify.

A very simple and more accurate way of finding out how much your air conditioning is costing is to turn off all your major appliances in the villa and take an initial meter reading. Come back after an hour and take another meter reading and minus this from the initial reading which will indicate your energy consumption in KW per Hour as a base rate. Turn on all your aircon units on maximum and come back after an hour and take a final reading. Use this formula to estimate your maximum aircon consumption:

Air Conditioners are efficient heaters too!

Using an inverter type air conditioner is actually more cost effective than under floor heating.

Inverter air conditioning units can have a COP of as much as 5 which is the same as an electric heat exchanger water heater - not surprising really as they use very similar technology.

Algarve Air Conditioning

imageAir conditioning has a positive effect on personal performance, health and indoor equipment.

With air conditioning you can create the level of comfort at which you feel best, with exactly the right temperature and a comfortable humidity.

Modern air conditioners produce clean, healthy fresh air, dehumidify the air and prevent mold. All of this efficiently and without draught or noise.

In short,air conditioning makes you feel better, more active and fit, resulting in many advantages, because he or she who feels better is more creative and productive. 

PENGUIN offers a range of air conditioning systems to suit all needs, whether for your entire home for one or more rooms, or for your business.

The air conditioning units offered by PENGUIN work as "heat pumps" being able to either cool or heat and also to treat the humidity, cleanliness and control the air distribution.

The principle of air conditioning always comes down to absorbing energy in one place and releasing it in another.

The process requires an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and copper piping to connect both. Through the piping the refrigerant flows from one unit to another. It is the refrigerant that absorbs the energy in one unit and releases it in the other. A heat pump is an air conditioner which can be used both for cooling and heating because it is able to reverse the process of transporting heat from one place to another.

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Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips

It costs you more money and uses more energy to heat and cool your home than any other system in your home. Typically, 44% to 50% of your utility bills pays for heating and cooling your home.

Regardless of the type of home comfort systems you have in your house, you can save money and increase comfort by properly maintaining and upgrading your equipment.

Keep in mind that an energy efficient air conditioner alone will not have as great an impact on your energy bills as using an approach that involves the entire house. If you combine proper equipment maintenance and upgrades with appropriate insulation, weatherisation and thermostat settings, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 50%.